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Example Information Technology Dissertations

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Java and Bluetooth Technologies

This thesis gives a broad overview of Java and Bluetooth technologies, and a mobile peer-to-peer application that allows users to share their files such…

Security Incident Handling Service

This paper discusses the functions that support the service, how those functions interrelate and the tools, procedures and roles necessary to implement…

Development of Fantasy Football Website

I have decided to go with a methodology called PROMPT (Project Resource Organisation Management & Planning Techniques) which although is the predecessor…

Web 2.0 Advantages and Disadvantages

Web 2.0 can be described as different types of web applications which allow people to publish knowledge that they have created and also allow to share…

End to End VoIP Security

This assignment is about security, more specifically, about protecting one of your most precious assets, your privacy. We guard nothing more closely than..

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technology

The voice enterprises continuously providing voice conversation services on over broad band by discovering the current market issues and network issues…

Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network (UASN)

Most of the earth surface is composed of water including fresh water from river, lakes etc and salt water from the sea. There are still many un-explored…

Analysis of the Internet of Things

The possibilities of the semantic web can give a base for the IOT to be developed, due to the quick, intelligent and personal nature of semantic…

Succession Planning for SMEs in IT Industry

This thesis is based on an investigation into succession planning in small to medium-size organisations within the Information Technology (IT) industry.

Impact of Information Architecture

There are many different views on information architecture with many different areas. Information architecture is the practice of structuring…

User Perceptions of Web 2.0

How users perceive the Web 2.0 and its relation to their cognitive needs that describes the acquisition of information, knowledge and understanding.

The Emergence of IT Governance in Greece

IT Governance is a subject that has gained significant focus during the last years. As a term, IT Governance, has too many definitions in the literature…

Internet Threats and Security for Protection

This dissertation looks at the question: ‘Is The Internet Secure’?. Where secure is defined as ‘secure enough to trade or pass information’ via the…

Metrics and Models in Software Testing

How do we measure the progress of testing? When do we release the software? Why do we devote more time and resources for testing a particular module?

Causes of Software Project Failure

All successful software projects start with the premise that the end result will be successful. The owner of the project initial goal is to deliver on…