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Historical Cost versus Fair Value Accounting

Different accounting principles and concepts have been an issue of extensive discussion over the recent years as investors started pressing for harmonization.

Literature review on creative accounting

The term ‘creative accounting,’ was originally coined by the media, and it was particularly prevalent around the time of the Enron financial disaster.

Costcutter Business Analysis

Costcutter faces fierce competition on price by the four large supermarket firms and therefore has to differentiate its products/services in ways other than price

Introducing EPOS at WIlliam Hill

It is anticipated that the EPOS system will be found to increase efficiency and competitiveness for William Hill, albeit at some change to and possible loss of culture.

Business Ethics of McDonalds

This assignment requires you to undertake an analysis of one case study organisation i.e. McDonalds (Fast Food)

Business Analysis of Easyjet

Founded in 1995 Easyjet was the UK’s first ‘Low Cost’ carrier and is currently the second largest to Ryanair in the European market (Nugent 2008).

Fiscal Dominance and Monetary Dominance

The government often employs fiscal policy, monetary policy or a combination of both to sway the economy back to an equilibrium position.

Weakening World Economy on UK Markets

The weakening world economy impacts on the UK market through a combination of inflation rates, import and export volume, and credit markets.

International Financial Reporting Standards

The overall objective for IFRS is to attempt to achieve a position where there is a single financial reporting standard, which will be globally accepted.

International finance and banking

In the contemporary realities of harsh competition the foundations of financial theory is a subject to serious reconsideration.

International Financial Crisis

An international financial crisis is a disruption to financial markets in which adverse selection and moral hazard problems become much worse.